5 Key Questions You Should Ask Before Selecting Your WordPress Website’s Theme

If the web design for your new or redesigned website is going to be based upon WordPress and its CMS, then there is no shortage of decisions that you need to make to turn your initial thoughts into a fully functioning website. Everything from the colour scheme, the number of pages,  which pages you are including, content creation, and integration with other applications, are but a few of them.

Near the top of that list should also be which WordPress theme you are going to use for your new web design, however, that is not always an easy choice. We say that not because there are not any great themes available, but the exact opposite. Because there are so many excellent options, narrowing your theme choices down to one, is no easy task.

Ever willing to help our readers, we are going to try to make that task somewhat easier for you by providing you with 5 key questions that need to be answered as part of the process of selecting a WordPress theme for your website. Any theme where you are less than 100% convinced of the answer is a theme that may be best passed over. Here are those 5 questions:

Question #1: What Is The Goal Of My Website?

It is not just the choice of theme that is going to be influenced by the answer to this question, as in truth, almost every element of your web design will be. Once you know whether the goal is to collect leads, showcase your top products, make direct sales, or improve the branding of your business, you will be able to identify themes and other design elements more suited to that purpose.

Question #2: What Visual Style Is Most Likely To Support My Website’s Goals?

As well as any technical aspects of a theme being suitable, it must include the visual elements that are going to support the goals you have set for your website. What looks great on a website designed to capture leads, is a lot different to one designed solely to boost the branding and perception of a company. This is where you may wish to research and look at other websites which have been created using the theme in question.

Question #3: Is The Theme Mobile Responsive?

This should not be an issue with modern themes and those purchased from reputable sources, but unfortunately, not all of them are. If you choose a theme that is not mobile responsive you are limiting the potential of your website from day 1. Mobile accounts for around 50% of all internet users and if your theme does not display properly on mobile devices it has a diminished chance of succeeding.

Question #4: What Plug-Ins Will Be Compatible With My Chosen  Theme?

One of WordPress’s biggest advantages is the additional features and functions you can add to your web design using plugins. The planning for your web design should include what plugins you are going to use and so it follows that you want to make sure that for any theme you choose, those plugins are compatible with it so that their specific features will work properly.

Question #5: What Support Do The Theme’s Creators Offer?

One of the reasons for using a theme is it allows a website to be created by those that are not qualified coders or programmers. If that applies to you, then it makes sense that you ensure that any theme you choose has support available should you hit a snag with its installation or after it goes live. If a theme has no support pass on it, as the potential headaches if it has an issue and you have no support to help you, are not worth contemplating.