How To Ensure You Become The ‘Near Me’ Law Firm When Prospects Search On Google

How To Ensure You Become The 'Near Me' Law Firm When Prospects Search On Google

SEO campaigns for legal firms and lawyers usually have several objectives, although some are more important than others. The main priorities of an SEO campaign implemented on behalf of a legal firm will tend to be focused on getting the law firm’s website ranking at the top of Google.

For those unaware of how SEO and Google’s search results are related, the main thing to consider is that rankings occur for every possible search term that someone might enter into the search box. For any given search, Google’s algorithm will instantly display the top ten websites on the first page of results that it has calculated to be the most relevant and suitable for that search term. SEO is designed to ensure that your website is the one that Google displays first.

User Experience

What Google wants to promote is user experience or UX. UX is what Google aims for, not just in its search results, but for the person searching when they click on any of the results it displays. This means that Google will measure and assess every website page and whether it offers anyone landing on it from a Google search a good user experience.

A good user experience will be subjective for each individual as each has different likes and dislikes, however, their actions when they arrive on a website will tell Google a lot about that website’s UX credentials. UX will manifest itself by a website being highly relevant to the search, having high-quality content, and ease of use, such as having simple navigation.

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What An SEO Audit Of Your Website Should Be Assessing

Everything and everyone that needs to perform functions cannot do so over the long term without some checks on their well-being. Whether it be an aircraft having safety checks, or a sports star having a fitness check, the same principles apply. The same can also be said for an SEO campaign, because if it is not checked and audited to assess what, if any, results it is producing then it potentially is serving no purpose.

An SEO audit is not just about checking internal links and anchor text on your website, albeit we do not say that to diminish their importance. Instead, we are referring to the fact that there can be as many as two hundred or more individual elements that influence the ranking of your website which is why it is often an SEO agency that business owners will turn to when they need an SEO audit.

However, if you wish to carry out your SEO audit there are going to be some checks that are more important than others. You will also find it easier if you take each category of SEO and check them in turn. Here are three of the main categories of SEO that you simply must check during your website’s SEO audit.

Technical Audit

Many who are new to SEO make the erroneous assumption that SEO is only about what people can see, read, and click on. Whilst these are all essential for SEO, they are not the only influencers of ranking. Much of that influence happens behind the scenes and is never seen by any visitors, although how the website behaves for them might be affected.

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The Internet Marketing Toolbox

The Internet Marketing Toolbox

For those not mechanically inclined, looking through a toolbox can be overwhelming. It’s frustrating when something is broken, but you’re not sure which tool to use.

Such is the problem for many online business’ when gazing into the vast array of tools available in internet marketing. As with any tool, the internet marketing tactics are best when used for their intended purpose. Despite what any consultant says, there is no one web marketing tactic that works for everyone, in all situations. Below is a guide to help you choose the proper tools for your unique marketing needs.

Search Engine Optimization

When to use it:

When you have time, and can patiently wait for results
When people are already searching for your product/service
When you serve a local market (competition is much less)

When not to use it:

When you need results fast
When people don’t know they need your product (more often than not, extremely innovate products with little competition fair poorly with SEO, because no one is searching for them)

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3 Remedies for a Web Analytics Overdose

3 Remedies for a Web Analytics Overdose

“Not enough information” – here’s a problem the web marketer never has. Rather, the opposite is true, too much information, especially when it comes to web analytics. So how can we make sense out of the myriad of data we’re confronted with? Here’s 3 remedies for the all to common web analytics overdose.

Remedy #1 – Focus on the Few, Not the Many
“If I look at the mass I will never act. If I look at the one, I will.” — Mother Theresa

People know millions of children are starving in Africa, yet rarely act on this knowledge. But what if one of these children showed up on their doorstep? Who wouldn’t act to help this child? The emotional connection with a single child trumps the astonishing, but paralyzing knowledge that millions of children are starving.

Sometimes we’re so fixated on the mass of data before us we forget there are people behind the pageviews. Have you ever stood behind someone as they used your website? Don’t just watch how they interact with the site, watch their demeanor. Ask them how they felt about the experience. Clickpaths rarely tell the whole story. What happens between the clicks matters. How the customer feels about the experience matters even more. Try focusing on just a few experiences, whether by observing people directly, or using a visual analytics tool such as Clicktale.

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