Have You Created a Frankensite?

It starts with a clean, professional, easy to use website.

Then you launch a new product line, so you add a new button/ad/page, etc. Innocent enough right?

Next your company receives an award from an industry publication. Why not show it off on the homepage?

Then you read an article about a Google Adsense millionaire. Why not throw a few ads in, and pick up some extra revenue?

Then one customer complains that your Privacy Policy was too hard to find. So you put a huge red button in your header linking to it.

Before you’re aware, your website is unprioritized, cluttered mess… a frankensite.

Take a step back, and remind yourself the primary purpose of your website. Is it to solicit leads? For a customer to make a purchase? To educate customers about your brand?

Now take a critical look at every button, page, color, word, or ad on your site. Does it attract or detract from your primary purpose?