Creating Remarkable Touchpoints

We spend a lot of time on obvious customer touchpoints such as our website, products, call-centre, and marketing creative. But what about these not-so obvious ones?

Packing lists/invoices – Most packing slips are cold and formal. What if the person who picked and packed the order took an extra 10 seconds to write “thank you [customer name]” and sign their name with a red marker?

Email notifications – Most shipping and order confirmation emails look like the digital equivalent of vomit. What if you added pictures of your staff and answered common questions regarding shipping and returns? What if you made it send from an actual person, instead of “”?

Outgoing phone calls – Why is it that customers always call us first? Why do we so rarely go on the offensive with our customer service? Try surprising your first-time or long-time customers with a quick call to just say “thanks.”

The receipt page – There’s so much you can do with your thank you page. Don’t waste it with a generic thank you message and an order number.

The goal of each touchpoint should be the opportunity for another. Are you leveraging them for all they’re worth?