How To Ensure You Become The ‘Near Me’ Law Firm When Prospects Search On Google

How To Ensure You Become The 'Near Me' Law Firm When Prospects Search On Google

SEO campaigns for legal firms and lawyers usually have several objectives, although some are more important than others. The main priorities of an SEO campaign implemented on behalf of a legal firm will tend to be focused on getting the law firm’s website ranking at the top of Google.

For those unaware of how SEO and Google’s search results are related, the main thing to consider is that rankings occur for every possible search term that someone might enter into the search box. For any given search, Google’s algorithm will instantly display the top ten websites on the first page of results that it has calculated to be the most relevant and suitable for that search term. SEO is designed to ensure that your website is the one that Google displays first.

User Experience

What Google wants to promote is user experience or UX. UX is what Google aims for, not just in its search results, but for the person searching when they click on any of the results it displays. This means that Google will measure and assess every website page and whether it offers anyone landing on it from a Google search a good user experience.

A good user experience will be subjective for each individual as each has different likes and dislikes, however, their actions when they arrive on a website will tell Google a lot about that website’s UX credentials. UX will manifest itself by a website being highly relevant to the search, having high-quality content, and ease of use, such as having simple navigation.

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